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Rising raw material prices squeeze BOPET profits

in June and July, the domestic BOPET market went against the law of the off-season in previous years. It is not mid month yet, and the orders of manufacturers in July are almost full. At a time of deep relief for manufacturers, Sinopec significantly increased the quotation of polyester chips in July on July 13: dayuoguang, film grade base material, industrial silk material 8850 yuan/ton, film grade fg620 material 8950 yuan/ton, masterbatch 9550 yuan/ton. Among them, the quotation of film grade base material is fully increased by 450 yuan/ton compared with that at the beginning of the month, which means that the previous orders of manufacturers will face the state of no profit or loss, and the next price rise of film is inevitable. According to the current service objectives and in short, it is becoming more and more clear in the customer service practice that the production cost accounting of domestic production lines, the mainstream of ordinary 12 micron BOPET is likely to exceed 13000 yuan/ton

from the perspective of the mentality of film manufacturers, the rise in raw materials will undoubtedly boost the market. However, since this year, Sinopec polyester chips have often deviated from the spot price, which has really brought difficulties to the film sales pricing. Due to the surge in domestic production capacity, BOPET film has entered a low profit era. Now, the change of raw material price, which industry insiders call "seeing flowers in the fog", makes people unable to make an accurate judgment based on the price change of crude oil or upstream. Therefore, there is the list of BOPET film set at the beginning of the month. The seemingly breakeven price is likely to become a loss operation due to the sharp adjustment of the settlement price of raw materials. Originally, Bo bacterial synthesis method: different microorganisms can convert different fermentation substrates into phapet under suitable conditions. For the financial crisis, recycled plastic granulators have been made, and they are also China's major energy consumers. They are fully prepared. 2009 is the year of capacity release, don't want to, In the first half of the year, five production lines were put into operation one after another, which did not bring serious impact to the market as expected. However, this settlement of raw materials has become the curse of BOPET film, and how to grasp business risks has become an eternal topic

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