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Power selling companies are looking at the specific steps involved in the incremental distribution business. Do you understand

incremental distribution has been released to the second batch, and a total of 195 pilot projects have been shortlisted. According to the national plan, all prefecture level cities will be fully covered in the first half of 2018, which is also a good business direction for many power sales companies

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what is incremental distribution: incremental distribution includes new incremental distribution, mixed ownership investment in distribution capacity expansion, and stock distribution outside the stock assets of power enterprises. In principle, it refers to local electricity with voltage level of 110 kV and below and industrial parks (economic development zones) with voltage level of 220 (330) kV and below, and does not involve transmission construction of 220 kV and above

in the "measures for the administration of orderly liberalization of distribution business", it is mentioned that the access conditions for incremental distribution are in addition to the existing assets of power enterprises. Companies with absolute control over the existing assets of distribution, including high-tech industrial parks, economic and technological development zones, local power, wholesale counties, etc., who do not operate distribution business, can apply to the energy management department of the local government and be approved to carry out distribution business

Jing Jian combed the specific steps of participating in incremental distribution according to the policy documents and relevant preparation plans, hoping to play a reference role for the power selling companies that want to participate in incremental distribution

one ˙ Select specific projects for research and judgment

except for a few owner owned property parks, the vast majority of power sales companies choose suitable pilot projects from the planning of local government departments for feasibility research and judgment, and formulate corresponding investment plans

II ˙ Formulate implementation plan, participate in market-oriented bidding

determine the project owner through open, fair and fair optimization through market-oriented mechanism, and the energy management department of local government organizes bidding, defines the project construction content, construction period, power supply scope, and signs an agreement; Eligible market entities can apply to the energy management department of the local government to become the project owner according to the local incremental distribution plan. Power selling companies that are new to the project should give full play to the core role of talents in the improvement of innovation ability, establish professional technical teams and project management teams, formulate corresponding implementation plans or campaign documents according to the preferred schemes of local owners, and select the most competitive and revenue guaranteed pricing methods. (click here to read professional analysis)

the incremental distribution price is set by the provincial (District, municipal) price authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national transmission and distribution price reform. Before the distribution price is verified, the provincial electricity common network transmission and distribution price corresponding to the distribution access voltage level shall be deducted according to the provincial electricity common network transmission and distribution price corresponding to the distribution access voltage level of the power selling company or power users. Clarify the purchase and sale price and the settlement method

the selection criteria vary from place to place. Mauser packaging solutions developed and launched the first medical waste container concept product made of 100% recycled post consumer packaging waste, which mainly evaluates the enterprise's comprehensive ability, project construction objectives, enterprise organization ability, capital (economic) ability, operation system (ability), price reduction measures and schemes, and guarantee ability

for example, Guangxi: the project owner can adopt various price reduction schemes or measures to ensure that the preferential range of price reduction must be more than 12% lower than the current electricity price of industrial users; At the same time, the preferential range of price reduction will be one of the important scoring standards for the preferred project owners

in addition to this, we can also find more safeguard measures to ensure the construction and operation of project construction, such as striving for national special construction funds, controlling the progress of the project and ensuring funds

III ˙ Project review and construction

the project owner completes the feasibility study and obtains all supporting documents, and applies to the local energy management department for project approval after meeting the approval conditions. The local energy department approves the project according to the planning and bidding results and the approval authority

after the approval of the project owner, following the principle of "overall planning and step-by-step implementation", the project construction can be carried out according to the relevant management procedures and requirements of electric wedge clamp force construction, and accept the supervision of the local energy management department, and report the progress of incremental distribution business once in a limited period

IV ˙ Distribution and access work

power enterprises open power to the project owner in accordance with the relevant provisions of power access management and the requirements of power operation safety, and provide convenient, timely and efficient services

Wu ˙ Power business license (power supply) application

before officially operating the power distribution business, the power selling company with the power distribution operation right applies for the power business license (power supply) from the institutions that promote mutual trust and understanding with customers assigned by the regional national energy administration. The application for power business license (power supply) needs to meet the license conditions and provide corresponding supporting materials. At the time of bidding, there are no rigid requirements for the conditions, personnel, institutions and other conditions for the application of power business license, but at the time of applying for business license, the competent department has requirements for qualification. The conditions for applying for power license are open in terms of interconnection. In addition to qualifications and necessary conditions, there are two elements: one is that the distribution project has been approved or approved by the relevant government departments in charge, and the other is that there is a distribution area division agreement or opinion

note: China Resources applied for an incremental distribution license for its own park, which was rejected. Why

Lu ˙ Officially put into operation

after obtaining the power supply business license, the main body with the distribution operation right provides power supply services, value-added services and minimum guarantee services to users in the distribution area, and further innovate the operation mechanism and service mode, provide users with comprehensive energy services, and obtain the income from distribution and related value-added services. The project owner who meets the access conditions can only have the right of investment income and entrust the power distribution operation right to the power enterprise or the qualified power selling company

application materials for incremental distribution

for reference only: as the incremental distribution business is still in the early stage of reform, the situation in various places is different, but this paper still has a certain reference function for the subjects who are interested in carrying out incremental distribution business

(take Shanxi and Guangxi as examples)

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