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Power rationing pushed up the production capacity of whiteboard, and the coated paper was loose

the performance of the paper sector was weaker than the market this week. Key companies fell 1.40% this week, weaker than the market (the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 fell 0.82% in the same period), and the paper sector as a whole fell 1.04%

the price of whiteboard rose and the price of coated paper loosened

coated paper prices have loosened this week. Weak demand + continuous new capacity launch, and the quotations of dealers in South and East China have become loose. The price of test paper has increased with the confirmation of quality. The quotation of Huatai coated paper dealers has risen to 6200 yuan/ton, while the price of Prince zunma is about 6700 yuan/ton. The new project of Chenming has not yet been put into production

the price of double offset paper rose slightly this week. Demand has increased. The exchange and cooperation of talent teams, technical capital, standard patents and management experience in the new material industry has been flat, and the transaction has basically remained stable

the price of grey whiteboard rose this week. South China: Jianhui and Jiulong raised their prices in the early stage, and the dealers are now up yuan/ton, and the transaction has not improved. Fuyang area: most whiteboard mills announced a price increase of 300 yuan/ton on June 4, which has improved the transaction

the price of white cardboard fell slightly in terms of software this week. At the end of May, the quotation of a small number of white cardboard factories was slightly loose, which was reflected in the dealer link in early June. The terminal transaction price in South China was loose, that is, 0.5 ⑴% precision transmission 0 yuan/ton. In June, the paper mill has resumed the quotation before loosening, but the raw material price is low + the demand is flat, and the trend of paper price remains to be observed

the price of box board paper and corrugated base paper is basically stable. Prices in various regions remained stable and transactions did not improve. Due to the rising prices of waste paper and energy in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the corrugated base paper of some paper mills increased slightly by 50 yuan/ton

the price trend of international and domestic coniferous pulp is differentiated, the price of American waste ONP remains stable, and OCC rises

the US dollar price of international coniferous pulp rose this week, and broad-leaved pulp remained stable. The price of domestic coniferous pulp fell, while the volume of broad-leaved pulp was small and the price was temporarily stable. Us waste ONP rose sluggishly due to poor demand from downstream paper mills; Us waste OCC suppliers believe that supply will be tight and prices will rise in the future

the volume and price of pulp imports increased month on month in May 2011. In May, the import volume of pulp was 1.22 million tons, with a slight increase month on month. The total import amount was US $1.094 billion, and the average price rose from US $861 to US $896.7. The monthly cumulative import volume was 6.19 million tons, an increase of 30.6% over the same period last year. In May, the import volume of structural paper and paperboard was continuously optimized, with 310000 tons, and 1.38 million tons from January to may, a year-on-year decrease of 6.0%; The amount was 376million US dollars, totaling 1.674 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.2% year-on-year

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