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Do Sichuan power selling companies compete for users by bargaining with each other

Abstract: the introduction of power selling companies can exhaust the air in the main cylinder, which is conducive to further expanding the option of power users to participate in market-oriented transactions and improving the level of user energy management

carry out industrial and commercial registration in accordance with the company law of the people's Republic of China, and become a subject with legal personality. The business scope includes "power sales, purchase and sale of electricity, power sales" and other assets requirements

the total assets are not less than 20million yuan

the total assets are between 20million yuan and 100million yuan (excluding), and the annual sales of electricity are not more than 600-3billion kwh

the total assets are between 100million yuan and 200million yuan (excluding), Those who can engage in the power sales business with an annual power sales of no more than 3-6 billion kwh, with a total asset of 200million yuan or more, are not limited to their power sales. The personnel are required to have 10 or more professionals, master the basic technology and economic expertise of power system, have the ability of power management, energy conservation management, demand side management, and have more than three years of work experience. At least 1 professional manager with senior title and 3 professional managers with intermediate title. After the official launch of the qualification certification of power market traders in the province, there are at least two power market traders with qualifications issued by specialized agencies

on June 27, the market registration of Sichuan power selling companies was officially launched in the Sichuan power trading hall, and 16 power selling companies submitted registration applications to the power trading center

Yao fuming, general manager of Guodian Daduhe New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., who witnessed this moment on the scene, felt deeply, "the boots finally landed!" As the first power selling company in the province to change its business scope after the issuance of the power reform No. 9 document, it was unable to conduct power sales transactions because the reform rules were not issued and it was not qualified to sell electricity. Two years later, he finally saw the dawn of entry trading

entry trading is only the first step. What changes will happen to the electricity market? What will power selling companies rely on to survive and bring to users

1 the "warm-up" entered the market after two years

the reform started in 2015 and did not really land until 2017. For the arrival of this day, some power selling companies have prepared for two years

on March 9, 2015, several opinions of the State Council on further deepening the reform of the power system (power reform No. 9 document) were issued, clearly proposing to open the power distribution business to social capital in an orderly manner. At the first time, Yao fuming rushed into the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce with the No. 9 document of the power reform and applied for changing the business scope

Guodian Dadu River New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guodian Dadu River Basin Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. Guodian Daduhe hydropower company is the largest power generation enterprise in the province. Last year, the power generation reached 32 billion kwh, and the abandoned hydropower was increasing year by year. The entry of new energy companies into the power sales business is exactly the transformation of traditional hydropower to cope with the affluence of production capacity and seek new business growth points. Yao fuming believes that electricity sales is one of the transformation directions

on June 16 of that year, Guodian Daduhe New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. officially completed the industrial and commercial change, becoming the first power sales company in our province to change its business scope after the power reform No. 9 document

this year, Yao fuming organized 19 research topics, such as power sales platform, energy storage business, customer electricity behavior, power reform policy, Carbon Asset Development and management. "I've been warming up, making all kinds of preparations, waiting for admission time."

on Friday, June 30, Sichuan chuannengzhi Industrial Co., Ltd., located near the second Tianfu street in Chengdu, has thousands of square meters of office area, many seats are empty. "They are all doing business outside, and our customers are all running out." Chen Qingwen, the general manager, used the word "difficult" to describe the mood of the company in the first year of its establishment - the accurate interpretation of the reform of the power system, the in-depth study of power trading, marketing, dispatching and other majors, the detailed understanding of the entire power structure in Sichuan, the in-depth understanding of customers, continuous communication, etc. every problem is really and concretely placed in front of the power sales company

employees are almost trained on weekends, and the management meeting is held every Sunday evening. "There is a meeting on Sunday evening, and they start working on Monday morning." Chen Qingwen said that although they did not carry out power sales business this year, they have provided direct power purchase consulting services for 52 enterprises, and the service power of these enterprises reached 2.3 billion kwh in 2017. "Once the market is opened, early preparation will become a competitive advantage in the future."

2 survive the 3-point zigzag experiment by bargaining

the first batch of 16 power selling companies are about to enter the market, and more than 300 companies have completed industrial and commercial registration and have not yet started, "the competition" has become crowded at present

16 power selling companies submit registration applications to Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center and sign the "letter of credit commitment of power selling companies". The verification results can be obtained within 3 working days. After another month of publicity, they will become the first batch of power selling enterprises in Sichuan power market. According to the data provided by the Provincial Energy Bureau, at present, more than 300 power selling companies in our province have completed industrial and commercial registration. In addition to the first 16 companies that submitted registration applications, power selling companies will enter the power trading center to carry out business in succession

"we have entered the first 16 list. It's interesting to look at this list." Chen Lei, director of the power trading department of Sichuan Ruikang Smart Energy Co., Ltd., said

among the 16 power selling companies, only 5 are pure private capital like Ruikang smart energy, and the other 11 are pure state-owned or have state-owned background. The five major power generation groups, power sales companies established by Guodian and Huaneng in Sichuan, have entered; Power enterprises, including the power sales companies of state power and Sichuan energy investment; Sichuan investment, railway investment, PetroChina and other companies also carry out power sales business. "There are eight companies belonging to the 'big men' in the power generation or electricity industry." Li Sheng, market department of Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center Co., Ltd., believes that this phenomenon deserves attention

among the more than 300 power selling companies, many do not know that the market registration has been launched. Song Yun, general manager of Sichuan gerun Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that they had been waiting for market registration for more than a year. They didn't know that it had been launched and couldn't get the first batch of registration, but he said that they would seize the time to enter the market

can we seize the opportunity and gain profits? The profit margin per kilowatt hour is only 2%, and the selling price of electricity is lower than the purchase price... From the practice of some provinces that have implemented the entry of power selling companies into the market, it is not uncommon to "fight a price war"

does Sichuan power selling company compete for users by bargaining with each other

some people think this is inevitable. "Power selling companies are a bit like housing agents. They have no core competitiveness and only rely on price wars." A person in charge of a power sales company said

there are also objections. "Those who rely on price reduction will be eliminated by the market; those who rely on value-added services will survive." Li Sheng believes that value-added services include electricity security, comprehensive energy management, energy-saving consulting, and contract energy management. "The core goal is to make customers use electricity cheaper and more convenient."

among all value-added services, Li Sheng believes that one is particularly critical - power deviation assessment. Due to the special commodity nature of electricity, it cannot be stored, resulting in the cost of electricity security. For example, the user estimates that the power consumption this month is 1million kwh, and the power department will incur costs in order to ensure 1million kwh. Even if only 800000 kwh is used in that month, the guarantee cost will not be reduced. The so-called power consumption deviation assessment is to assess this part of the deviation. If the final actual power consumption is significantly lower or higher than the estimated value, it will be "fined" by the relevant departments. Li Sheng said that the proportion of exceeding or below the quantity should be adjusted by relevant departments every year. According to the current standard, if the estimated power consumption this month is 1million kwh, only 800000 kwh is actually used. Calculated at the contract price of 40 cents per kWh, this business will pay a fine of 8000 yuan, accounting for about 2% of the contract amount. In his view, helping users accurately estimate electricity consumption and pay less "fines" will be the core competitiveness of power selling companies

"according to the settlement of Guangdong power market in February and March, some power sales companies were fined more than 14 million yuan for deviation assessment." Chen Qingwen told that deviation assessment is a double-edged sword, which may be the core competitiveness of power selling companies in the first stage of market-oriented power sales, but it will also be the biggest risk faced by power selling companies in the initial stage

Zhang Qing, director of the comprehensive Department of Yalong River Sichuan Energy Co., Ltd., believes that increasing the number of users and increasing the power pool. This month, a user uses more electricity and B user uses less electricity. If the total amount is large enough, it may share the risk of deviation assessment, which is the key to the profit source of power selling companies. He said that in Guangdong, where the power reform is at the forefront of the country, many power selling companies make money, and some have relatively high profits. "We are still full of confidence."

3 long term development depends on service

in addition to selling electricity, finding the pain points of industrial users and providing solutions are the value of power selling companies.

interviewed dozens of power selling companies, they agreed that Sichuan power selling company will soon face a reshuffle. Making fast money by price difference can only survive for a while, but if you want to occupy the market in the future, you must have hard work

"independent power selling companies compete with national power selling companies." Yao fuming described that Guodian is a behemoth, and the power sales company is like an ant. "If ants want to survive, they can only exploit loopholes, create value, and look for market areas that behemoth has not occupied or cultivated."

Yao fuming's office has two signs, in addition to Guodian Daduhe New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., there is also a carbon asset management company. "In addition to selling electricity and comprehensive energy solutions, we will also provide customers with clean and low-carbon energy solutions." Yao fuming said that most of the major power users are also high energy consuming enterprises, which have a demand for carbon indicators. The combination of energy conservation and environmental protection, demand side management and power sales is an important means for power sales companies to survive in the future

Chen Qingwen doesn't think that the power selling company and the powerful state grid are competitive, but should be understood as a kind of cooperation and supplement. "In our contacts with major industrial customers, we found that many enterprises have huge demand for power marketing and integrated energy management services. This is the pain point of industrial users and our value." Chen Qingwen believes that based on the changes in the entire energy field brought about by the national power reform, it is a blue ocean with a trillion level market volume. He revealed that at present, the company is actively building a "China Tianfu dot; smart energy sharing digital hub" to provide customers with demand side management, power sales services, monitoring, load forecasting, data analysis and other comprehensive energy management services

there are also power selling companies looking for competitiveness from the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. "The service of power generation (distribution) and sales (Sales) is the integration of added value we give our customers, which has natural advantages." Li Shuguo, deputy general manager of China Railway Investment and sales Co., Ltd., said that its parent company is building an installed power generation capacity of 3.5 million KW. At the same time, it is doing distribution construction for many industrial parks. Once it has mastered the distribution, it has mastered the sales channels; If you master the power generation capacity, you will be able to provide a stable power supply

Sichuan Ruikang Smart Energy Co., Ltd. is working to provide customers with power consumption optimization solutions, reduce basic electricity charges for customers, and is committed to comprehensive energy consumption services, including accurate load forecasting, optimizing load curves, improving power safety, etc. The company's power delivery

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