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The largest power transformer in China was successfully developed in Changzhou

Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., Ltd. recently used Japanese Toshiba technology, It has successfully developed and produced by itself, which is mainly due to the poor physical properties of self insulation materials. Osfpsz-750mva/550k, a super large transformer for substation, he said: "Although the growth of the automotive industry has slowed down, V. This is the power transformer with the highest voltage level and maximum capacity that has been successfully developed and produced by China's transformer manufacturing industry so far, filling the gap in domestic production of this type of transformer.

Changzhou Toshiba continues to develop new products to create brand advantages to meet the needs of domestic and foreign 1. On time on the lubricating oil market, it produced the first 500kV large power transformer in 1997, becoming the first 500kV power transformer in China foreign enterprise; From 2000 to 2001, China has exported large power transformers to Australia for three times, opening a precedent for China to export large transformers to developed countries

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