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Henan Sheqi county power supply customer service staff enhance their business capabilities to meet summer peak

"if there is a large-scale power outage, how should you deal with it?" "If customers complain about power failure, how can you resolve it?" On May 24, all the staff of 95598 Electric Power Bureau of Sheqi County, Henan Province were seriously discussing the case of handling skills for a page during the summer peak period, so as to improve the business level and serve our customers

it is reported that with the arrival of the peak of power consumption in summer, the peak period of rush repair of all kinds of power failures also comes. In order to actively deal with the soaring traffic of high-temperature load, answer questions and solve doubts for power customers as far as possible, and reduce the negative impact, the social flag Bureau has carefully formulated a number of measures to actively deal with the peak of traffic during the summer. First, formulate the "emergency plan for 95598 call center of Sheqi Electric Power Bureau to meet peak summer", refine the workflow, and clarify that the emergency plastic granulator is also a major energy consuming measure in China, so as to ensure that there are rules to follow in case of emergencies and that the handling is orderly at the same time; Second, adhere to the policy of "timely monitoring and ensuring unimpeded flow", strengthen the response measures during the peak hours of 95598, and effectively prevent the occurrence of customer congestion caused by the increase of 95598 services. The factory adopts the earliest customized design of high-temperature resistant polymers, molds, testing and processing expertise to manufacture various key components; Third, strengthen supervision, regularly spot check the recording, analyze and summarize the civilized language, return visit skills, mastery and application of professional knowledge of the seats, find out problems and defects, and constantly improve the business level and service quality; Fourth, check the servers, network equipment, communication channels, etc. used by the 95598 system item by item to ensure that the 95598 system is in the most secure and stable state to cope with peak summer. China Power

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