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According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency", Taiwan HePing Power Plant rushed to rescue 1.3 million watts of power today, and the power rationing crisis was suspended about 16 years ago. Yang Weifu, the "Vice Minister of the Ministry of economic affairs" of the Taiwan authorities, said that today's power supply capacity has reached more than 38 million watts. If the power plant units are maintained at their best, it is unlikely that the red light will be on again in a month or two

data figure: Taiwan's power facilities source: Taiwan's "Central News Agency"

the high temperature in Taiwan last Friday fired the third warning red light of power rationing this year. After the return of two units of HePing Power Plant, the tight power supply situation was expected to be suspended in September last year. The media asked whether the red light might not be lit in the next week or oneortwo months. "Vice Minister of the Ministry of economic affairs" Yang Weifu said that today the maximum power supply capacity has reached more than 38 million watts, while the record high power consumption set last Friday was 36.417 million watts, If the power plant units are maintained at their best, it is unlikely that the red light will be on again

Yang Weifu also mentioned that Tongxiao new unit 1, Dalin new unit 1, datan and unit are also in trial operation, and will make the best preparations to join the ranks of power supply as soon as possible. Among them, the progress of the datan aircraft has exceeded that of the No. aircraft, and it may play first in the late part of this month. The problem points of the No. aircraft have been clearly understood, and troubleshooting is being done

after summer, autumn tiger's power cannot be ignored. LAN Hongwei, deputy general manager of Taipower Company, said that since the overhaul of Taipower units will begin in September, the company is currently considering the pressure of autumn tiger and making an overall planning on the schedule

the media asked about the annual maintenance schedule of Mailiao power plant. Li Junli, Taiwan's "deputy director of the energy administration", explained that the total use of raw coal burned by Mailiao power plant was limited, because full power generation during the summer months of peak power supply might affect winter consumption. "The energy administration" is currently continuing to assist Taipower and Mailiao power plant in coordinating the purchase and sale of electricity contracts

LAN Hongwei said that the Taiwan Electric Power Commission would make the best schedule for the consumption required by the county government. Under the condition of the highest reliability of the system, some units would be allowed to maintain partial operation, and the full load could be increased in case of emergency. The two sides would coordinate and dispatch the operation according to the total amount regulations

the "Ministry of economic affairs" held a briefing on the topic of "power supply situation" this morning. Yang Weifu, Li Junli, deputy general manager of Taipower Company Lan Hongwei, spokesman lindefu and Deputy dispatching supervisor Zheng Youcai were present to explain the latest situation

Yang Weifu said that at about 8:30 last night, the two units of HePing Power Plant had been generating electricity at normal full load, and the emergency repair project had been completed. During the participation of Taipower in this emergency repair work, Taipower also assisted HePing Power Plant in diagnosis and put forward suggestions as a reference for the stability reinforcement measures of future power plants and export transmission lines to shorten the residence time

Yang Weifu said that the case of the collapse of the transmission tower of HePing Power Plant was a relatively rare problem of large private power plant units in the past when encountering natural disasters. Both HePing Power Plant and Taipower learned a lot from this experience. He said that HePing Power Plant rarely encountered similar situations in power supply in the past, as did other private power plants. Taipower will collect relevant data this time, provide references to other power plants, and serve as very important education and training materials for future power supply scheduling within Taipower

Yang Weifu mentioned that Taiwan will move towards the liberalization of the power industry in the future. Although Taipower is responsible for power transmission and distribution, private power plants also have blocks. This situation can be used as a good reference for the toughness and strength strengthening of Taiwan's power industry in the future

Yang Weifu also expressed his most sincere respect to all the personnel involved in the rush repair work. He especially mentioned that on father's day, the front-line employees were still working on the very hot iron tower. Because of their efforts, the project could be completed early

in addition to the Heping power plant factory and an independent low-noise third party that pays close attention to oil sources, Yang Weifu said that every day, Taipower personnel provide support and experience on the site, and relevant colleagues keep abreast of the progress, remind them to maintain zero errors in work safety, and finally achieve the task. He said that Minister Li Shiguang made a special statement in the morning that Taiwan Electric Power Corporation would give a honorary award to its meritorious colleagues. Lin Quan, the "President of the Executive Yuan" of the Taiwan authorities, also used Facebook and various occasions to express his gratitude to the front-line partners of HePing Power Plant

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