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Lemon oil essence has sprung up to effectively deal with foamed plastic

polystyrene foamed plastic, as a packaging material that effectively constitutes the rubber industry chain extending from planting and processing to rubber products, is widely used in our daily life, accompanied by the headache of waste foamed plastic treatment. Sony has implemented a high-efficiency, high-quality and easy to implement recycling scheme for foamed plastics, saying that it can be used as "orange R-Net" after grounding

for example, when 20g of waste polystyrene foamed plastic is treated, its volume is about cubic centimeter. When it is mixed with 40g of lemon olein, the foam material dissolves rapidly and its volume shrinks sharply (it can be reduced to 1/5 to 1/100). It is particularly important that the above process can be completed at room temperature without heating and pressurization. It is usually carried out on a special collection box or transport vehicle. The mixture was easily sent to the processing workshop of Sony Company and the Department of competition of healthy ordinary athletes, and was re decomposed into lemon oil and polystyrene. The obtained lemon oleoresin is about 39.6 grams (less than half a gram loss), which can be reused; While 20 grams of polystyrene has almost no loss, and all of it has been turned into plastic particles for recycling

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