BASF's figure in the hottest Expo Heritage

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BASF's figure in the Expo heritage

BASF's figure in the Expo heritage

November 11, 2010

[China paint information] the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, which can be called the most successful in history, has come to an end, but a series of projects, designs and activities will continue to show how BASF can create new chemical effects and bring positive effects to cities, families and the next generation in China and the world

at the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, BASF provided a variety of innovative solutions to the common challenges faced by cities around the world, striving to find a win-win plan for the construction of a new material system in the double perfect plastic industry that would make urbanization and sustainable development coexist harmoniously

children who are doing experiments

"in BASF, our goal is to make the process of urbanization more balanced and sustainable through chemical action. The innovative solutions from the chemical industry we showed at the WorldExpo can be used to build livable cities with sustainable development capabilities all over the country." Mr. guanzhihua, chairman of BASF Greater China management board, said: "we believe that comfortable living and free and convenient travel in various climatic environments do not necessarily bring more energy consumption burden, and this amazing event has left us a rich heritage and will have a long-term positive impact on China and even the world."

BASF is present in four venues of the Expo, including the German Pavilion "harmonious city" - one of the most popular venues of the Expo, "home of German and Chinese counterparts" - the last stop of a three-year series of activities between China and Germany after walking through many cities across the country, "home of Hamburg" - Germany's only urban Pavilion in the "urban best practice area", And the dock Theater - "BASF little chemist" and "Sesame Street" work together to present a stage play called "magic map adventure" to the children here

the German Pavilion is well deserved

the German Pavilion is one of the most popular pavilions, attracting more than 4million visitors during the 184 day WorldExpo. The museum won the Gold Award for theme performance issued by the Bureau of international exhibition, and was voted as the winner of the Oscar "theme performance award" and "science and Technology Exhibition Award" by readers of Shanghai Morning Post

in the German Pavilion, BASF showed a series of innovations to improve the future lifestyle, including concept shoes made of BASF materials, designs, and the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China in the total industrial energy consumption is nearly 1.5% higher than that in the UK, division seats, intelligent indoor temperature management solutions, and organic photovoltaic

"German Chinese peer home" settled in its new address

as the official partner of the "German Chinese peer" series of activities, BASF also showed the charm of chemistry in the "German Chinese peer home". During the Expo, the "German Chinese counterparts' home" attracted more than 550000 visitors. In the past three years, the event has traveled through Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang and Wuhan, and has attracted about 1.35 million visitors in these five cities. The "German Chinese peer home" is supported by an 8-meter-high bamboo pole from Yunnan. The interactive touch screen in the pavilion introduces a series of solutions provided by BASF for the automotive and construction industries

as a model of modern architecture and innovative design, the "German Chinese peer home", which integrates traditional bamboo materials and the latest construction technology, will "migrate" to Hangzhou International City Expo Center, located in the old factory area protected and utilized by the Hangzhou municipal government

Hamburg house

"Hamburg house" - Urban Best Practices

"Hamburg house" is located in the Urban Best Practices Area of the Expo Park, attracting more than 500000 visitors. In order to support the construction of "Hamburg house", BASF provided innovative insulation material neopor and eco-friendly interior wall coating Norbin Nobin TM. "Hamburg house" reflects the highest level of energy-saving and environmental protection technology of "passive house". It does not need to input 1 kwh of electricity from the state, nor does it need air conditioning and heating, but it can maintain a constant temperature of about 25 ℃ in the room all the year round. Hamburg house will be a permanent building in the Expo site

"magic map adventure" - "BASF little chemist"

during the Chongqing week of the WorldExpo held in August, BASF invited eight left behind children from Chongqing to the dock theater to participate in the "BASF little chemist" activity. During the four-day visit, the children were also reunited with their parents who had been working in Shanghai for a long time

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