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Lenovo e-commerce supply chain management practice case

the key to the success of an enterprise in developing e-commerce lies in whether the enterprise can use the e-commerce system to achieve the established strategy through daily operations. Therefore, the quality of operation is a key factor for the success of enterprise e-commerce

scheme idea:

e-commerce center of Analysys business solutions believes that there are three aspects of excellent e-commerce operation

1. Excellent front office operation ability: including product display and category management ability, marketing ability, customer value management and data mining, etc

2. Excellent supply chain management ability: including warehouse's courage to open up domestic and foreign markets, cost management, order forecasting and production capacity, goods picking and distribution ability, etc

3. Excellent internal management: including mature evaluation system, reasonable organizational structure, etc

project content:

in the process of research carried out by Analysys business solutions, the operation and management of Lenovo e-commerce in the supply chain left a deep impression on Analysys, so Analysys business solutions took Lenovo as a case study of e-commerce operation

since Lenovo officially developed e-commerce in 2008, it has achieved a good performance in 2009, with an annual order processing volume of more than 80000 pieces, an average daily order processing volume of about 200 pieces, and a total sales volume of more than 400 million yuan. The minimum order volume is 1 set. At the same time, the supply chain cost continues to decrease. In the late stage of operation, the distribution cost is less than 1% of the price per order. Generally, the supply chain cost per order is yuan, which varies according to regions, However, it is still lower than the industry average of about 2%

when the annual order volume of e-commerce retail reaches 10000, the supply chain will usually face a severe test. Industry research shows that with the increase of orders, the storage, packaging and distribution costs do not rise linearly as usual, but rise in a ladder like manner, that is, logistics costs will rise rapidly to a platform after the order volume reaches a certain inflection point, and then stabilize, and rise rapidly after the order reaches another new high. How to reduce the impact of the rapid increase of logistics costs at the critical point of orders on the operation of e-commerce stations is a great challenge in the process of e-commerce operation

most e-commerce enterprises are facing confusion in logistics distribution at the stage of rapid increase in market share, especially because most e-commerce practitioners lack experience in logistics construction and maintenance in traditional industries. This lack of experience and knowledge leads to a more obvious impact of the characteristics of logistics on enterprise management

Lenovo's e-commerce operation Department delivered the logistics work they were not good at to professional institutions through innovative outsourcing of supply chain management and close cooperation with third-party logistics providers, while they focused on the marketing and customer operation forms in e-commerce, which effectively complemented the lack of their own logistics capabilities and provided the basis for the outstanding performance of Lenovo's e-commerce

although (1) regularly inject a little oil into the contact surface between the lead screw and the hand wheel; Using third-party logistics can improve the efficiency of logistics distribution through professional division of labor, and then effectively reduce the risks of e-commerce enterprises in logistics management and control logistics costs. However, the problems of management and quality control of logistics providers have been plagued by major e-commerce operators., Zhuoyue, Dangdang and other large e-commerce operators have recently said that they will invest a lot of money in logistics construction; At the same time, capital markets such as Deutsche Bank also show more preference for e-commerce operators with logistics facilities. However, the success of Lenovo provides another logistics option for the market to carry out e-commerce

Lenovo's characteristics in logistics mainly include the following three points:

1 Make full use of Lenovo's original logistics system: because Lenovo and its main partner Digital China's existing supply chain system is very mature, making full use of existing resources to carry out e-commerce is its best choice. At the same time, because digital China's own positioning is to integrate IT service providers, not just distributors, Lenovo's e-commerce business model does not conflict with digital China's business

for most traditional enterprises, the existing logistics channel system has matured. How to effectively use the existing system to serve their own e-commerce can help them quickly reduce or even cross the logistics threshold of e-commerce

2. Logistics party stocking mode: the logistics service provider submits orders to Lenovo's factories according to the monthly forecast, and the logistics service provider prepares goods, so as to reduce Lenovo's financial pressure, and maximize the use of the logistics provider's experience and knowledge of the supply chain to ensure the flexibility of various nano material chain systems for plastic function modification. At the same time, Lenovo is also committed to electronizing the whole supply chain process, so that the information of the client can be quickly fed back to the back end of the supply chain

logistics party stocking is a very advantageous mode for e-commerce operators, but this mode requires e-commerce operators to have a very strong position in the supply chain, and not every operator has this ability. However, in the process of supply chain management, Lenovo makes full use of front-end data, and through the relative error of hand rotation speed of e-commerce: segment quickly transmits front-end data to manufacturers, ensuring the high efficiency of the supply chain, which is also worth learning from other traditional manufacturers

3. Optimization of storage and distribution details: Lenovo has done a lot of work in ensuring the balance between customer experience and improving logistics efficiency, including requiring that major models on sale have certain requirements on stock and distribution speed. Finally, Lenovo e-commerce achieved an average order delivery time of less than 36 hours, and the logistics cost per order was less than 1%

Lenovo's supply chain management of e-commerce has a certain correlation with Lenovo's own resources and capabilities, but Lenovo's innovation and efforts in its supply chain management make it a leader among e-commerce operators using third-party logistics. (end)

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