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Leningrad state will build a plastic packaging plant

the Leningrad State Commission for economic development and nuclear industry is currently drafting a plan to build a plastic processing plant in this region. According to this plan, Leningrad state will build a plastic packaging plant before October 1, 2006 to supply plastic packaging materials to the market in the first three quarters of the northwest federal region of Russia. According to the economic development and Industry Committee of Leningrad state government, the state government has approved the proposal to build a plastic packaging plant on October 20, and governor sertykov signed the relevant order on October 21

it is understood that Leningrad will jointly establish a joint plastic packaging factory with Australia's "alpura" group company, which was founded in 1954. Now the company has set up more than 80 factories in various countries around the world, mainly producing vials, glass bottles, plastic bottles, corks (containing perfume and other items) and providing related packaging supporting products for some other enterprises. The total capital of the construction plan by pressing the "yes" button will reach 425.5 million rubles, and the factory will recruit about 80 workers

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