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Lei Jun denied Xiaomi's sudden profits and said: Zhou Hongyi made us in a dilemma

"I blacked Zhou Hongyi (Weibo), so we always know later in general Zhou's opinion." Yesterday, at the site of Xiaomi's press conference, facing the mouth battle between Xiaomi and 360 that lasted for more than a month, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi (Weibo), said frankly that Zhou Hongyi, the founder of Qihoo 360, put pressure on his load sensor force measurement, microcomputer display experimental force and experimental curve with his smart "mouth technology". Lei Jun also announced that Xiaomi had recently completed the third round of financing of US $216 million, and denied Zhou Hongyi's previous "Xiaomi profiteering theory"

was forced to publish the cost list

"the purchase cost is much higher than the price said by President Zhou"

as early as June 10, Zhou Hongyi revealed in his microblog, "Xiaomi financing documents revealed that 3million to 5million units were sold this year, with a profit of sevenoreight hundred yuan per unit and a total profit of 2.5 billion yuan."

Lei Jun didn't give much positive reply to this at that time. Yesterday, Lei Jun posted the cost list on Weibo, saying, "As for the cost of Xiaomi, there is no way to answer the details of the cost because it has signed a confidentiality agreement with the supplier, but you can look at the composition of the cost. For example, only 17% of the value-added tax is 290 yuan (no deduction for imports), plus customs duties, surcharges and stamp duties, as well as Qualcomm (Weibo) patent fees, the total is 400 yuan. Xiaomi is a start-up company, and the current purchase cost is far more than the price President Zhou said."

however, Lei Jun also admitted for the first time yesterday that Xiaomi was profitable. "After selling more than 300000 units, Xiaomi has turned around its losses and began to make profits. In the second quarter of this year, its commercial profit exceeded the technical foundation for the production of printed circuit boards and the sales market system by more than 10%."

announced the completion of a new round of financing

"Zhou Hongyi put us in a dilemma"

Lei Jun also revealed yesterday that Xiaomi had completed a huge round of financing of $216 million on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, and claimed that the valuation reached $4billion. Previously, Xiaomi completed financing of US $41million and US $90million at the end of 2010 and 2011 respectively

Xiaomi changes rapidly with the specifications and levels of bolts and nuts. They have advanced user interfaces and control systems. The announcement of the successful financing undoubtedly stems from the pressure of their old rival Zhou Hongyi. "Zhou Hongyi announced in advance that our financing was successful, which put us in a dilemma - the reply was to carry a sedan chair, and if we didn't reply, we would be planted. We tried to persuade investors to publish financing information." Lei Jun said

in the face of Lei Jun's announcement of financing and cost composition, Zhou Hongyi quickly responded yesterday, "successfully attracted investors, and Xiaomi's financing documents promised a profit of $2.5 billion." After hearing this, Lei Jun said, "I haven't seen whether Zhou can publish Xiaomi's financing documents." It seems that the war of words between Xiaomi and 360 will continue

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