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Lenovo has lifted the mid and high-end printing market with the "three innovations"

with the improvement of office efficiency and the general demand for mobile office, the demand for printers from the government and users in the industry is no longer limited to printing, copying, and widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, wires, cables, textiles, fibers, plastics, rubber, ceramics, metal materials, and manufacturing scanning The most basic function combination, such as fax, is more reflected in the more professional and high-end function configuration, such as cloud printing, computer free printing, high-speed printing, automatic double-sided, group fax, paperless fax reception, A3 format printing, etc

recently, as a leading brand in the domestic printing market, Lenovo has made great efforts to create three new printers. With five series of new products, new technologies and new applications, there are 13 new products. These products include innovative cloud printing, optical ink printing products, A3 format products, as well as upgrading the original technology. The distinction lies in the software part of the revolutionary double-sided printing products and multi-functional printing products. Once launched, these products immediately set off a new situation in the medium and high-end market and led the trend of the medium and high-end printing market

born for the needs of medium and high-end customers

it is understood that Lenovo's five new series include: cloud printing series, double-sided printing series, optical ink series, A3 format laser printer series and multifunctional printing series. These five series of 13 products are developed by Lenovo based on the needs of current government and industry users. With the most professional quality, they provide customers with all-round office demand solutions to comprehensively improve office efficiency! It has fully met all kinds of medium and high-end office needs, and truly promoted each other. It has become a new office weapon for industry customers and government customers

middle and high-end users often work mobile due to business needs, and the demand for mobile printing also came into being. In response to this demand, Lenovo launched the cloud printing function. The biggest advantage of Lenovo lj3800dn and lj3800dw is that they can fully support Google cloud printing function, and within the scope of wireless network coverage, they can print anytime and anywhere through matching intelligent devices. Lenovo lj3800dw is equipped with WiFi wireless printing as standard to fully meet customers' mobile office needs. In addition, these two products also support Apple's airport printing function to absolutely meet the business office needs of Chinese business people

the innovative light and ink product Lenovo rj610n is based on epoch-making technological innovation and integrates the top advantages of laser and inkjet to achieve 60 pages/minute black-and-white color printing at the same speed. Its large capacity four-color independent ink cartridge can support more than 5000 pages of color printing or more than 6500 pages of black-and-white printing; Moreover, by overturning the official refill plan of the industry, the tensile testing machine, which is far lower than the average level of the industry, is suitable for the tensile, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force, opening force, low-speed unwinding force and other performance tests of plastic film, composite materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, medical patches, protective films, release papers, backplane materials, rubber, paper fibers and other products, It provides users with a real high-precision, low-cost color printing solution. Not only that, it also supports online printing and Chinese LCD display, comprehensively improving group office efficiency and opening a new era of efficient business printing

in addition, Lenovo printing also launched four A3 format laser printers, lj6350, lj6350d, lj6350n and lj6350dn, specifically for medium and high-end users, to meet their various printing needs

high speed and efficient office solutions

shopping malls are like battlefields. The competition in shopping malls is not only a competition of financial strength between both sides, but also a competition of time and efficiency. Whoever can take the lead is likely to win the first opportunity and greater opportunities. In view of the pursuit of high-speed and efficient office by middle and high-end people, the new products launched by Lenovo not only inherited the advantages of high-speed output in the past, but also made a qualitative leap, bringing unprecedented extraordinary office experience to middle and high-end users in terms of high-speed and efficiency

Lenovo m8600dn and m8900dnf perfectly explained what is high-speed and efficiency to middle and high-end business people. Lenovo m8600dn has a print output speed of 36 pages/minute, while Lenovo m8900dnf has a surprisingly efficient output speed of 40 pages/minute. In addition, skipping blank page printing and standard configuration network printing have effectively improved the efficiency of the working group. Business people with Lenovo m8600dn and m8900dnf can't think of easy, efficient and convenient office work

the standard automatic double-sided printing unit doubles the efficiency. Compared with products without automatic double-sided printing function, Lenovo's new double-sided printing series lj3700d and lj3700dn have outstanding advantages. It eliminates the trouble of frequently turning pages manually, and does not need to worry about the printing errors of the front and back pages caused by the wrong placement of the front and back pages of the paper. It shows the time-saving, money saving and worry saving output tools incisively and vividly, and provides a set of high-speed and efficient office solutions for middle and high-end business people

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