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Lenovo Hana empowers manufacturing enterprises and promotes Huake automobile to enter the era of industrial intelligence.


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with the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, IOT, mobile Internet and other technologies, traditional enterprises have entered a new stage of digital transformation. Among manufacturing enterprises, how to use new technologies to build intelligent manufacturing, restructure business processes, products and service systems, create new business models, and achieve the strategic goals of intelligent manufacturing and made in China 2025 is of great significance

as a modern private enterprise, Jinhua Huake Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huake automobile) actively embraces new technologies, steadily promotes the digitalization process of enterprises, and strives to move towards the goal of intelligent manufacturing enterprises. Through cooperation with Lenovo, we have comprehensively transformed and upgraded the existing IT system, opened up the information island, solved the problems of data docking, analysis and management, realized the centralized and unified management of data, constructed a new business model, and laid a solid foundation for the realization of the goal of intelligent manufacturing enterprises

make forward-looking planning and strive to build intelligent manufacturing enterprises

at present, the era of data as king has come, and data has become a must for enterprises to seize the market. Especially for traditional enterprises, how to make full use of data management and analysis technology to have real-time insight into data, mine data value, transform business model and realize business intelligence is extremely important

Huake automobile is the production base of Zhongtai automobile in Jinhua. It is a key introduction project of Jinhua Municipal government and development zone. It is a modern private enterprise with the core business and development direction of automobiles and key auto parts such as engines, molds, sheet metal parts, transmissions, etc. The project of the key parts and components industry base of energy-saving and new energy vehicles with an annual output of 300000 units implemented by the company has been completed. The construction content of the project includes the construction of four new process production lines and supporting facilities for stamping, welding, coating and general assembly. The first product of the project has been offline and mass produced before the end of 2015

as a modern high-tech enterprise, Huake automobile put it construction in an important position at the beginning of its establishment. Now the prices of experimental machines are different, and a relatively comprehensive IT system (ERP MES System & distribution system) has been deployed. It is hoped that with the help of IT capabilities, it can realize the docking, rapid correlation and real-time analysis of a large number of financial data, production data and customer behavior data generated in the company's operation, and form integrated management, Improve the business analysis and decision-making ability of multi platform collaboration, grasp the production business progress and cost at any time, and effectively form a cost control mechanism

in addition, Huake automobile also hopes to realize the integration and optimization of the supply chain it system with the help of IT capabilities, so as to ensure the organic coordination of multiple sub links such as product detection, trading, supply, logistics, etc., while not occupying too many flow resources, so that funds can be used for process review and sorting. In fact, Jinhua company has attached great importance to the ability of IT system in exploring data intelligence since its inception, and has established the overall development goal of digital and intelligent manufacturing enterprises

reshape the system and set a benchmark in the manufacturing industry

as we all know, to achieve data intelligence, we must first establish a centralized big data management platform, open up channels between business units, and realize the free flow of data. Secondly, it system must have strong performance to improve the real-time analysis and processing ability of big data. Finally, in the face of the explosive growth of data, it systems must have flexible expansion capabilities and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure business continuity and continuity

although Huake automobile deployed a relatively comprehensive IT system (erp/mes system/distribution system) at the initial stage of the project, due to the separate and independent bearing structure adopted among various systems, there is no centralized data management platform, and various data cannot be effectively connected, and timely data collaboration and decision analysis cannot be achieved. Therefore, there is a process and information island between the platforms. Moreover, with the diversified development of the company's business, the amount of data has increased sharply, and the performance of the original system has a bottleneck, which can not guarantee the real-time and accuracy of the data analysis results. Therefore, it has seriously affected the company's performance appraisal and strategic planning

in view of the problems existing in the system, Huake automobile actively responded and comprehensively upgraded the current IT architecture. By using Lenovo Hana solutions, we have built a mature and stable basic platform, which not only opens up the information island and solves the performance bottleneck of the system, but also provides more flexible expansion and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure the continuity and reliability of the business. Through Lenovo Hana platform, the quantifiable value of Huake automobile can shorten the manufacturing cycle and reduce the manufacturing cost. In addition, by integrating quality with production, materials and engineering processes; Through the use of closed-loop quality planning, control, root cause analysis and notification functions, the process quality is improved, the quality cost is reduced, and the compliance rate of production plan is improved; With the help of real-time production monitoring capability, the labor utilization rate is improved

it can be said that the transformed it system of Huake automobile has established a model and benchmark for the digital and intelligent construction of the manufacturing industry

more than 8000 cases have been verified, and Lenovo Hana's high-performance data platform is within reach.

as the record holder of SAP test value, Lenovo Hana's solution not only has the best performance, but also because it adopts the high-end enterprise model in the x86 hardware product line, its stability and reliability can better withstand the test of customers' demanding business. With the support of cross platform management tools, Lenovo Hana solution can manage the IT infrastructure with a single interface, which greatly reduces the management cost of users in use

in fact, Lenovo Hana solutions (including hardware, software, implementation, services, etc.) are all from IBM. The modular design not only facilitates deployment and greatly shortens the online cycle of the project, but also can be easily upgraded from 2S 512gb to 8s 8tb without changing the model, providing convenience for later user upgrades, It reduces the cost of upgrading customers due to business expansion. In the same standard, different sample sizes are often given for different materials. This is also the only solution in the industry that supports upgrading. In addition, the adoption of IBM's unique GPFS technology not only comprehensively improves the overall capability and reliability of Hana scheme, but also provides the industry's only ha upgrade scheme, making the system more reliable and easy to use

in order to ensure the availability of the system and ensure business continuity, Lenovo Hana solution realizes data dual active disaster recovery based on storage. Independent servers and independent data copies are configured on two relatively independent storage sites, which greatly reduces the link delay between sites and realizes local high availability and transparency of site applications

up to now, Lenovo Hana solution has been verified by more than 8000 cases, and has summarized and formed a complete process system in supply chain delivery, installation deployment and training, after-sales service, etc. after full market verification, it has met the stringent requirements of different customers, established Lenovo's professional and dedicated brand image in the industry, and reflected Lenovo's customer-centered corporate culture, It has been unanimously recognized by customers



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