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What is the function of Lenovo M2 plus electric scooter? Are there many evaluation failures? Evaluation of use

Lenovo Lenovo M2 plus electric scooter can be used by adults of both sexes. It is portable and foldable, and it is a non inflatable honeycomb tire. Share your experience of growing grass in a certain East for a period of time:

sensitivity: it's easy to ride, and it's convenient everywhere.

stability: it's very stable, and the speed is very fast.

installation is difficult and easy: it's very simple to install, just need lemon screws, and it's easy to fold.

workmanship: inflatable big wheel, Very stable

appearance: very fashionable, convenient to travel, convenient to commute, adjustable speed, very intelligent

turn to regular users' comments and see if you regret buying it.

I. Lenovo M2 plus electric scooter JD event price:

JD event price: ¥ 3499.00

JD event quotation link:

II. Lenovo M2 plus electric scooter configuration parameters:

Color Classification: Black - pneumatic tire white - pneumatic tire white - non inflatable (honeycomb tire) black - non inflatable (honeycomb tire)

III Other users of Lenovo M2 plus electric scooter commented:

1. Shock absorption effect: I bought it and rode it to work for a few days. It's refreshing to ride it to work, and the battery life is stable through the deceleration belt: the place where I live is 5 kilometers away from the company, and it's basically convenient for me to charge and install on the third day: it's convenient to store it, and I've taken her to the subway. Finally, I want to say that the pedal is large enough, and it's OK to stand side by side with two feet

2. Shock absorption effect: it's too light and loose on a small slope, The hydraulic shock absorption is very soft. Battery life: when you ride 28 kilometers, there is still 8% electricity left. It's easy to install: a few steps, three to five minutes to install the goods. Quality: carry out the second experiment. It's really cool to ride. It's really convenient. It's a great car

3 in China's plastic machinery market, sensitivity: sensitivity is not bad stability: very stable and heavy installation is difficult and easy: very easy to install working medium ball screw is rotating friction: first-class workmanship appearance: very fashionable, cool other features: constant speed cruise function really 35; compared with other brands of scooters before buying, and finally chose Lenovo. Sure enough, it didn't disappoint me, but big brands are different, Not to mention the affordable price. The workmanship is really first-class, very fashionable and cool. Walking on the road, the return rate is quite high. I'm embarrassed. The installation and folding are very convenient, and the driving is very stable. Because the material is good, so its advantages and disadvantages are relatively heavy. This price is really worth it. In addition, there is a Lenovo after-sales service center nearby. The express brother is also very enthusiastic, and the logistics is very awesome, which is very worth buying

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