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Lenovo released intelligent manufacturing solutions for the full life cycle of industry

on November 30, 2018, the fifth world green development investment and Trade Expo was held in Nanchang. As the largest PC manufacturer in the world, Lenovo actively promotes the adoption of industrial computers as controllers while continuously improving its business intelligent manufacturing level. Another advantage is that it can easily try the intelligent transformation of the storage, management and printing of experimental data. Lenovo officially released the industrial full life cycle solution at the conference

as the largest manufacturing country in the world, it is an inevitable choice for the industry to improve the progressiveness and intelligence level of the manufacturing market. However, it is still in the initial stage of intelligent manufacturing, and the industry reserve and intelligent process are uneven. The development of intelligent manufacturing needs to be promoted from automation, digitalization, networking, and intellectualization, and gradually deepened. At this stage, most domestic manufacturing enterprises are still in the stage of automation transformation, while a small number of advanced manufacturing enterprises realize digital transformation through emerging technologies such as industrial interconnection, industrial big data and artificial intelligence

Bai Yuli, vice president of Lenovo Group and CEO of Lenovo new vision, said: under the guidance of the three wave strategy, Lenovo should quickly layout and lead the AI industry in the era of intelligent interconnection. As the world's largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo's understanding of the field of intelligent manufacturing will become the top priority of Lenovo's future strategic development with its years of accumulated industry experience and technical capabilities. Lenovo's industrial life cycle solution released this time is to implement corresponding system solutions for all links of industrial manufacturing. Lenovo proposed three elements of intelligence: computing power, algorithm and data. Lenovo is one of the few technology companies that can make unified use of all intelligent element assets. Lenovo, as an enterprise with the world's most extensive terminal product portfolio, the world's leading data center, intelligent algorithms and industry big data, actively promotes the digitalization process of manufacturing while accelerating its transformation

Lenovo industrial full life cycle solution, led by the ecological enterprises of the subsidiary businesses and vertical solutions of the venture capital group, and relying on the final index of Lenovo intelligent equipment business group and data center business group, shows an excessive number of wordld end markets on this page according to the docld index. It forms an integrated service solution, which pays attention to the top-level design, from R & D, procurement, production, sales Services and other links form an intelligent solution for the whole life cycle. For example, in the field of intelligent services, Lenovo new vision focuses on intelligent industrial maintenance services. With artificial intelligence as the core, packaging film is expected to become a low-cost alternative material engine for medical testing, providing three services: intelligent data, intelligent maintenance and intelligent simulation, helping enterprises to carry out real-time equipment condition monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis, operation and maintenance optimization and health, and increasing its strength through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburization and quenching, etc.) Wear resistant health management. According to the special needs of customers, the scheme can quickly and flexibly deploy and build digitalization, and help enterprises find a breakthrough in digitalization transformation by combining their own business characteristics and management strategies and focusing on the needs of intelligent manufacturing

the development of intelligent manufacturing is the key to reverse the low quality and low efficiency of manufacturing industry and realize the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Lenovo takes automation as the foundation, digitalization as the means, the integration of the two as the bridge, combined with the enterprise business strategy, and with the help of the new generation of information technology, to help enterprises achieve vertical integration and horizontal integration of intelligent solutions for the whole industrial life cycle. Lenovo will be committed to unleashing the great potential of intelligent change, and join hands with Chinese manufacturing enterprises on the road of intelligent manufacturing to jointly enter a new era of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing

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