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Lehigh Valley upgraded dairy label

Lehigh Valley dairy farms relaunched all its milk chug series dairy products, which can play a balanced role when stressed. It also adopted the new PVC shrink sleeve produced by seat it, and added two new flavors. All dairy products with eight flavors and 100% orange juice are packaged in a curvilinear 1-Pint package. Now this label is composed of ten different colors. A drop of splashed milk is designed on it, forming a dazzling mixture of colors, which makes the packaging give a visual impact, emphasizes the taste of the product, and strengthens the brand effect of the product. The new packaging also shows a new brand logo. After a large-scale improvement of the original color and design, this logo continues to retain the widely accepted pattern - the rising sun. In addition to the product image, there is enough space on the label to accommodate charts, general product codes and product composition tables when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology

information source: packaging digest china

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