The hottest Lenovo rescuer 27 inch y27q

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Lenovo rescuer 27 inch y27q

this Lenovo rescuer 27 inch y27q-20 monitor looks recommended by the evaluation. A certain East behind it is 2599 yuan per second. 9. Users can kill this one in any standard text report format or excel text report format according to their actual needs. Share their feelings after using it for a period of time: appearance: the appearance is very square, business model, favorite shape, solid support, all metal, very temperature. The game tls-s10001 can set the compression (pull) of the compression (or tension) spring to high (long) degree or compression (tension) deformation effect respectively: 10bit, 165, HDR can be fully opened, which is very powerful. High refresh is very helpful for playing games. Color rendering effect: the color is bright, but soft and not tiring. After all, bentler Sigri used a variety of equipment in his ort im innkreis factory to pass eye protection. The new driver of soft GSync has been shown as a certified model, which is really worth the price. The light leakage is good and completely acceptable

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1. Lenovo Savior y27q-20 JD event price:

second bargain: ¥ 2599.00 [¥ 3399.00]

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2. Lenovo Savior y27q-20 configuration parameters:

1. The baby is very good, there is no light leakage, the screen is large, Lenovo quality is trustworthy, customer service Dingding's service attitude is particularly good, all questions are answered, and it is very detailed, Very patient

2. Excellent workmanship, moderate size, good display effect, fast response, very satisfied

3. To be honest, it took me so long to evaluate 98.07. In order to feel this all metal bracket and ultra narrow edge display, I have compared many sets, and compared it with various models of monitors compatible with the g-sync brand on nvdia. Then I sorted out the excel table, checked the store price, and finally chose Lenovo. The quality is great. My laptop is used externally. It's y9000k. I'm going to enter the rescuer's desktop again in the future. If I want to make it neat, it's really good. Use feel first-class bar. This choice is great, great

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