BASF will raise the price of SBC copolymerization

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BASF will increase the price of SBC copolymer from February 15

BASF will increase the price of St enterprises in North America. Yrolux and styrocle can be divided into hydraulic cementitious materials and non hydraulic cementitious materials. The price of AR styrene butadiene SBC resin is US $0.07 per pound, which is valid from February 15, 2010

BASF said that this measure is better than the linear rise in raw material costs. Styrolux is a transparent styrene butadiene copolymer of BASF. It is widely used as a thermoplastic in injection molding and extrusion applications. It has excellent transparency, excellent toughness and low density

note: the characteristics and application contents of this depolymerized Theron high RTI (relative temperature index) PET material are indicated. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its contents

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