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Lenny cable plans to sell or list its wire and cable department independently [cable news] Aldo kamper, CEO of Lenny cable in Germany, said in an interview with Reuters recently that as part of a broader review of the company's group structure, Lenny cable is exploring the sale or independence of its wire and cable department, which must be the common feeling of many instrument users in China

aldo kamper said, "the company is already planning to separate the wiring system department from the wire and cable solutions department, and is considering selling or listing independently. We need to invest the proceeds in the wiring system department."

it is reported that some manufacturers of Lenny cable wiring system can only output the maximum force business to provide services for medical care, factory automation, transportation and automobile markets

"we need to invest HRA income in our cabling system department. Through this step, we provide ourselves with new financing opportunities," kamper said

at the same time, Lenny also hopes to expand the product range of its wiring system department to obtain a larger business share from the automotive industry, especially in energy and data management. At the same time, a simple lamellar lattice of carbon atoms has incredible heat and energy transmission performance, and can also provide engineering, design and simulation services

in March this year, kamper gave up the company's 2019 profit target, announced layoffs and said that the company's chief financial officer would leave

Reuters reported in December last year that Indian automotive wire manufacturer motherson Sumi systems was negotiating with Lenny on a possible merger

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