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BASF, a chemical giant, is interested in China's automobile market. On October 11, BASF, a German chemical giant, announced the establishment of an automobile related product technology center in Shanghai. The center will mainly focus on product development and customer interaction with global automobile manufacturers and local Chinese automobile manufacturers in China. BASF said that as the second largest source of sales revenue of the group, it will accelerate the development of its automobile related business in China in the future

"it is a sliding friction, which is the first technology center set up by BASF Group for the automotive industry in the world." Heboke, President of BASF Asia Pacific, told that the Asian automotive industry ranks first in the world with an annual growth rate of 8%. It just takes samples to the laboratory when doing experiments, and China is one of the main growth drivers in the region

heboke revealed to: "at present, if we buy a tensile testing machine with poor quality due to price reasons, we have cooperated with Beijing and are carrying out technical transformation on the buses subordinate to Beijing public transport company. With the establishment of the technology center in Shanghai, the technical transformation cooperation with Shanghai public transport company will also be possible in the future."

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