How to reduce the cost of CRT packaging carton

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How to reduce the cost of CRT packaging carton

color CRT TV has been produced in China for more than 20 years. Its design, procurement, production, packaging, storage and transportation and other links have been developed quite well. Taking 21 inch color TV as an example, its price has been reduced by about 70% compared with the initial stage. In the face of such brutal competition, TCL regards providing customers with high-quality and low-cost products as an important means for us to maintain our advantage in the competition. Similarly, for the packaging cartons that account for a large proportion of the cost of the whole machine, after carefully analyzing the customer needs, storage and transportation conditions and industry conditions, we believe that with the increasing expansion of containerized circulation, the protection focus of cartons on products has shifted from anti-collision to compression resistance. Therefore, from the aspects of design, procurement and so on, we rank third in passenger cars, widely collect all kinds of data, and go deep into carton manufacturers, Carefully study the relationship between carton performance and paper distribution, production process, storage and other aspects, and gradually take a series of measures according to the actual use of cartons to make their cost composition more powerful and reasonable. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Optimize the paper distribution of cartons, increase the gram weight of core paper, and reasonably require the gram number of face paper

according to the current industry situation, in recent years, the requirements of countries around the world for the paperboard matching of corrugated boxes have gradually tended to "lighten the face paper and lighten the core paper". Strengthening the weight of core paper can greatly improve the compressive strength of cartons, reduce the deformation and damage rate of cartons in the process of storage and transportation, so as to further strengthen the protection of cartons for the whole machine and reduce various costs caused by the replacement of cartons at all sales points. When determining the paper distribution requirements of each model, we first select the appropriate safety factor of the carton according to the manufacturing conditions of the carton (including the quality of base paper, cardboard structure, printing layout, etc.) and logistics conditions (such as storage time, ambient temperature, means of transportation, loading and unloading methods, as well as the stacking height and stacking method of packages in storage and transportation, etc.), and then calculate the required compressive strength of the corrugated carton, The calculation formula is: P = k · g  H-H/h. After obtaining the compressive strength of the carton, according to Markey formula: P = 5.874 · PM · zo 492·HO. 508. The unit length value of the compressive strength of corrugated cardboard (i.e. the edge pressure value PM) is backward introduced. Finally, professional manufacturers are invited to cooperate, considering the origin and performance of the base paper, the structural form of corrugated cardboard, etc., to determine the technical configuration of the cardboard and put it into use after actual testing and verification. Reasonable paper distribution not only improves the compression resistance of cartons, but also reduces cost waste, so that cartons achieve the best cost performance ratio

2. Optimize the paper distribution, improve the layout design of the carton, and minimize the damage of printing to the physical properties of the carton

when we visited the carton factory, we carefully consulted the relevant technicians about the production process of cartons and visited the workshop. At the production site, we see that every time we add a printing color, the carton has to pass an ink roller, and every time we pass an ink roller, the carton has to bear the pressure of the printing machine, and the corrugated will be deformed to a certain extent. In this way, even if the paper consumption is increased and the cost is increased, the performance of the carton may not have the expected effect. For this reason, our company has improved the design of the carton layout, reduced complexity to simplicity, strived to make the layout simple and focused, minimized overprint and overprint, reduced the printing difficulty of the carton manufacturer, improved the production efficiency of the carton, and explored the qualification rate of products from the innovative utilization of Automotive plastics, the molding process of bio based polylactic acid materials to the frontier of 3D printing materials, providing space for reducing costs

3. Make full use of local resources and reduce transportation costs

with the continuous development of the company, we have set up production plants in many places across the country. Since the carton factories were originally located in Guangdong, the materials need to be transported to other factories. The cartons are large and the freight is high. The long-distance transportation also caused the loss of some materials. In order to simplify procurement procedures, reduce transportation costs and ensure timely supply, we adopt the form of local procurement and develop local suppliers. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of cartons, the headquarters regularly tests the physical properties of cartons in all factories, and the layout of each carton is uniformly approved by the headquarters to ensure that the color and content of cartons are correct. After several years of practical operation, good economic benefits have been achieved

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