How to reduce the complaint rate of corrugated box

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How to reduce the complaint rate of market customers about the convenience of corrugated box products

with the increasingly fierce competition in the paper packaging industry, customers are more and more picky about the quality of corrugated boxes, which requires corrugated box manufacturers to constantly improve the quality of corrugated boxes, eliminate the occurrence of various quality problems, strive for zero quality defects, sublimate service quality, and strengthen communication and exchange with customers, Listen to the voice of customers and make friends with customers. Only in this way can they dominate in the fierce market competition. Some manufacturers can only output the maximum power, reduce customers' complaints about corrugated boxes, win customers' trust and meet customers' needs

according to the statistics of customers' complaints about the quality of corrugated boxes over the years, corrugated boxes are mainly prone to the following quality problems. Only by avoiding these quality problems can the quality of corrugated boxes stand the test of customers

the ability of corrugated box materials to resist deformation is significantly reduced. The size is inaccurate.

the design and manufacture of corrugated boxes cannot be separated from the size. If the size is wrong, the corrugated boxes produced will become waste products. The size of corrugated boxes is divided into inner diameter size, outer diameter size and processing size. Customers generally have strict requirements on the inner size of corrugated boxes. The inner diameter of the carton must ensure that the contents can be loaded, which is generally equal to the maximum outer diameter of the contents plus the parameter of 3-7mm. The outer diameter size is the size used in circulation. For export corrugated boxes, the outer diameter size requirements are very strict, otherwise the container shipment will be affected by the size. This requires that while strictly controlling the paperboard size of the production line, the printing slotting and pressing line size, we should also pay attention to the size control of the nailing and gluing process

layout printing error

the layout of corrugated boxes is mostly printed with words, which is very prone to errors. Once there are problems in the design layout and they have not been corrected, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, when proofreading, we must proofread and correct errors one by one, and strictly control them, otherwise the whole batch of corrugated boxes will be scrapped due to small errors. All production enterprises must pay attention to the proofreading of corrugated box layout and must not relax

the printing of the layout is fuzzy, dirty and white leakage

the printing of the layout is fuzzy, dirty and white leakage, which directly affects the beauty of the corrugated box, and customers are very picky about it. The blurring of the layout is mainly caused by the excessive printing pressure. The dirty layout is mainly caused by the redundant printing traces. This needs to be controlled in the printing process, strengthen the technical training of printing operators, improve the driving ability of the equipment, find the answers in time for the analysis of the causes of defects, and correct them

the die indentation of the paperboard is too shallow, and there is a single line when the flap is folded or the horizontal indentation line is not straight when folding; The longitudinal indentation of the paperboard is too deep, and the inner paper cracks

paperboard indentation is one of the necessary processes for the carton processing of corrugated paperboard. The quality of indentation plays an important role in the carton folding or carton use. The different depth and location accuracy of indentation often lead to the deviation of carton size

the transverse indentation of paperboard is generally realized in the paperboard production line, using double convex edge indentation, and the longitudinal indentation is generally completed on the high cost and difficult implementation of new materials in the printing slotting machine, using single flange indentation. The principle of indentation is to adjust the pressure of indentation to be easy to fold and obvious, but the paper inside is not broken. For horizontal indentation, the center position of the upper and lower wheels should be aligned, and the indentation should be pressed through, that is, there is no gap. Generally, the thickness of the indentation of the five-layer paperboard is about 2mm. For the longitudinal indentation, the gap between the upper and lower wheels of the indentation should not be adjusted too small, and the moisture content of the cardboard should not be too low to prevent the cardboard from cracking during processing

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