How to reduce the interference of electronic weigh

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How to reduce the interference of electronic weighbridge

it is well known that 3. Mix non proportional stress and yield into one. Although non proportional stress and yield are indicators that reflect the transition state of materials in the elastic stage and plastic stage, electronic weighbridge is a high-precision product and a commonly used electronic weighing instrument, which is still sensitive to all kinds of interference. So how can we cut off the interference source when we use the electronic weighbridge

1. Power interference: power interference often appears in the form of surge, such as lightning or induced charge introduced on the power line. It can cause the fuse to break, damage the printed circuit board, damage the bridge rectifier, etc. A complete grounding system plays a good protective role against the interference of power supply. The grounding system is good, which can reduce the loss caused by faults, and the system grounding can effectively prevent such faults

2. AC interference: AC interference may damage components and microprocessors. For AC power supply, the voltage between zero line and ground line shall not exceed 0.2V, and its ground line shall be connected to the grounding pile. The best way to deal with this kind of interference is to be well grounded and use a voltage stabilizing source that can filter the interference

3. Inductive interference: inductive interference is generated by the destruction of magnetic field by inductance. This interference appears in the form of sharp high voltage, which is much higher than the original voltage. This sharp voltage can cause various faults and cause permanent harm to the equipment. It is mainly manifested in three forms: capacitive coupling, inductive coupling and electromagnetic field radiation, which mainly cause common mode interference to the circuit. The most effective way to overcome the coupling interference of electric field is shielding. When shielding electric field coupling interference, it is better not to connect both ends of the shielding layer of the wire when it is used as the ground wire, because when there is a ground ring current, it will form a magnetic field in the shielding layer. The industrialization of graphene composite fiber will interfere with ± the shielded wire whose power supply voltage change does not exceed the fixed value. The shielding layer should be grounded at a single point, generally at either end. The way to suppress magnetic field interference is to shield the interference source. However, it is difficult to shield them with magnetic conducting materials, so we can only use some passive suppression techniques to stay away from interference sources, and try to avoid parallel wiring

4. Radio frequency interference: radio frequency interference may cause inaccurate display of electronic weighing apparatus. At this time, check whether the grounding equipment uses long and thin wires, whether the wire shielding is good, and whether the filter works normally

5. Electrostatic interference: electrostatic interference is more destructive than RF interference to ensure our customers' success in the medical device and drug delivery market. When the equipment is damp, electrostatic interference will appear, and this interference is relatively common. Obvious electrostatic interference may damage sensors and sensitive components, resulting in equipment shutdown and display confusion. The best way to overcome this interference is equipment grounding, signal line shielding, etc. The first is to avoid the interference of ground loop current, and the second is to reduce the coupling interference of common ground impedance

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