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How to reduce the cost of color page printing in printing enterprises

how to reduce the printing cost of color page printing has always been a serious problem for printing enterprises. Next, Changsha professional printing enterprise Yiyin introduces the following good ways to save costs:

1 The number of spelling should comprehensively consider the specifications of the printing machine used (including the maximum and minimum printing format), the printing quantity, the price of the printed paper and other factors. Although increasing spell count can reduce the use of large problems and reduce the number of printing, it will increase the cost of making film, increase the difficulty of adjusting ink color and registration before printing, and increase the loss of trial printing paper. When the total printing quantity of Shanghai self-adhesive printing is small, and in the process of reduction, increasing the number of spelling is often not in line with economic benefits

2. If the shape of the package product to be printed is not rectangular, then single splicing or multiple packages arranged side by side will often cause a waste of paper. In this case, it is necessary to consider whether two or more products can be spliced together crosswise, and sometimes it is necessary to adjust the position of the carton flip on the carton to achieve a more compact splicing. In order to save paper

3. In multicolor printing, regular lines are indispensable. Regular lines usually use crosshairs and are placed outside the size of the finished page. In the case of tight paper format, we can change the cross line into a T-line and put it close to the finished product. After all, Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. has produced experimental machines for so many years, and we still need to do better in the post-sales service than any other place. If the size of the paper is very tight, that is, loading at an equal rate or for the convenience of post press processing, the size of the paper used for printing is just the size of the finished product. You can also put the regular line in the position where the finished product will be stuck inside and folded inside, or put the regular line in the position where it will be die cut off

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