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How to recycle waste electrical appliances

who produces who recycles well

it is better for the manufacturer to be responsible for the recycling of waste electrical appliances, because the manufacturer understands and masters the structural performance of its material configuration, which is convenient for disassembly, classification, utilization or recycling. Recycling can be handled by the production enterprises at the maintenance points set up at the sites where the machines are restored and liquidated, and then handled in a centralized and unified manner, which can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also make rational use of resources

Zhang Jie, Baoan township government of Suyu County, Jiangsu Province

the recycling of waste electrical appliances should be specialized

if the recycling does not move towards the road of specialization, but is purchased by peddlers, it will inevitably cause component damage and environmental pollution. The establishment of professional recycling networks for recycling and reuse by electrical appliance manufacturers can not only reduce production costs and improve economic benefits, but also contribute to society

Yang Fenglou, Publicity Department of Chuzhou District Committee of Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, gives preferential policies to recycling enterprises

the recycling of waste electrical appliances appears "obstruction", one reason is that the state does not greatly encourage it in terms of policies, and its treatment is entirely driven by interests. It is suggested that the state give tax incentives to enterprises that recycle waste electrical appliances, take measures such as tax return, reducing tax rates, quota concessions, etc., speed up and do a good job in handling tax registration certificates and receiving invoices, and encourage enterprises that recycle waste electrical appliances to recycle

Wang Guiling, Wei County Local Taxation Bureau, Hebei Province

trade in and orderly recycling

at present, the recycling of waste electrical appliances is mostly carried out in private, and the purchase price is unfair. After a little repair, it will return to the market, leaving hidden dangers to the health and life safety of consumers, posing a threat. If manufacturers work together to replace the old with the new at a more reasonable price, it will not only make some parts reusable, but also make some waste electrical appliances with acceptable performance sold to economically backward areas at a low price on the premise of ensuring quality, which is of great benefit

At present, large waste electrical appliances (televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, etc.) are recycled, but small waste electrical appliances (machines, electric toys, alarm clocks, watches, etc.) are rarely asked, causing consumers to discard them casually. It is suggested that the state should force manufacturers to recycle their products through legislation

Zhang zhenbiao, Toutunhe District branch of industry and commerce, Urumqi, Xinjiang

the pollution caused by the dismantling of waste electrical appliances should not be ignored

the recycling of waste electrical appliances is undoubtedly a good thing to be promoted, but many people recycle waste electrical appliances and use some simple and backward production tools and processes when disassembling them. There are no pollution prevention measures at all, and the waste gas, waste liquid, waste residue and other pollutants are directly discharged, It causes serious pollution to the surrounding environment of the dismantling site of waste electrical appliances. Therefore, the relevant departments should pay full attention to this and effectively strengthen the management and standardization of the dismantling of waste electrical appliances

Zhang Huiyu, Publicity Department of Zixi County Party committee, Jiangxi Province

don't let waste electrical appliances entrap farmers

some expired waste electrical appliances in the city were purchased by some small traders at a low price and then slightly packaged and transported to the countryside for sale to farmers. The life of these waste electrical appliances is very short, and they will have to be discarded after a short time. Over time, they will accumulate into a "disaster". Coupled with the relatively poor awareness of environmental protection in rural areas, it is likely to endanger the health of farmers and pollute rural land. It is suggested that relevant departments should strengthen management. The center is 214 mm high to improve its own advantage meters

Changzhou, Jiangsu

should set up a special recycling company

an old TV at home wants to be eliminated, but how to deal with it has become a problem. It's too old to give away. It takes up space and wastes. It's a pity to throw it away and pollute the environment. It's said that the repair shop will recycle this kind of electrical appliance and take it to others. It's too old to refit, so I won't accept it. There is no other recycling store in the county, so we have to hold 3. The bellows ring stiffness tester returns before starting up. In order to recycle waste electrical appliances in an orderly manner, each county should set up at least one special recycling company to facilitate the recycling of consumers and deal with the recycled waste electrical appliances in a unified manner. In this way, a scientific and orderly recycling chain is formed, so that waste electrical appliances can enter this chain in an orderly manner to avoid "stragglers" polluting the environment

Kong Debin, Publicity Department of the CPC Shicheng County Committee, Jiangxi Province

it is crucial to improve the quality of electrical appliances

in real life, we often see that electrical appliances are frequently scrapped due to quality problems. Therefore, to reduce the environmental pollution and waste of resources caused by waste electrical appliances, it is very important to improve the quality of electrical appliances

Ye Dongguang, Publicity Department of Anyuan County Party committee, Jiangxi Province

consumers should also share

the recycling of waste household appliances is not only the business of manufacturers and governments, but also consumers should share the corresponding, including taking the initiative to send waste household appliances to manufacturers, purchasing products with good performance and less polluting materials, reducing the number of replacements, etc

Cheng Jiangren, Publicity Department of Yihuang County Party committee, Jiangxi Province

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